What you will find at Bear Claw

Here you will find a vast array of Authentic Native American , Wood Carvings, Pottery, Jewelry, A Super Knife Collection Minerals, and a Huge Selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry....and MUCH MORE!!


Bear Claw has a wide range of minerals from around the world. Amethyst, Quartz Crystal. Multiple types and cuts of Beautiful Agate, Tumbled Stones, Selenite, and many more. All in different configurations.


Sterling Silver Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Sets, Hand Crafted Antler Jewelry By Our Own Artisans, Native American, and Mineral Jewelry.


We carry top quality Mexican fired pottery with an unbelievable array of pots and chimineas for every taste. In addition we have a large collection of authentic Native American pottery.

What was the old Ice Cave Trading Post became Bear Claw Trading Post in 1995 when we purchased the business. Bear Claw is located approximately forty miles south of Sun Valley and forty miles north of Twin Falls in central Idaho. Nina came to us in 1997 and Scott the year after and they became the managers. They have been the backbone of Bear Claw since. As the years passed, their daughter Michelle, began helping out when she wasn’t working at her regular job. She can do about anything from painting, pulling trailers, and vacation relief to innovative first class art work. These folks are an important part of our family. Needless to say, we are proud of them!

We love being located on the lava flow. It has challenges at times, but the natural beauty of the area is unsurpassed. We hope when you visit Bear Claw Trading Post you will take time to see all nature has provided in the area. Be sure to see some of our videos.

Meet The Crew

These folks have been the very fabric of Bear Claw for over 20 years.

Scott Ward


Scott does all the maintenance and upkeep well as taking care of our loyal customers, many of themhe knows by name. He gets all our containers and trucks taken care of and generally keeps the wheels turning.

Nina Ward


Nina keeps the books, takes care of our customers and keeps stock flowing. She produces some of the best and most unique jewelry we sell. Her designs and artistic abilities are on full display.

Michelle Ward


Michelle brings a special touch to Bear Claw. Michelle does everything...whatever is needed at the time. Her artwork can be seen around the store. Nad she keeps coming up with great ideas that keep our store fresh.

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